Associate Members

As an Associate Member of the NAPO-San Diego Chapter, you will be in a prime position to develop relationships with Professional Organizers who could exponentially increase your sales of organizing products and organizing-related services. 

Joining NAPO-SD provides a business owner or their assigned representative the opportunity to network and collaborate with Professional Organizers, share professional resources, benefit from industry education, advertise on the chapter website, Facebook page and much more.

Associate Member Services


  • FREE ADMISSION TO MONTHLY MEETINGS:  Chapter meetings and educational events; designated space to display your organizing products, product demonstrations by Associate Members and Sponsors, networking tables (bring your fliers, brochures, small displays, etc.), and business networking.
  • SPOTLIGHTS AT CHAPTER MEETINGS:  Twice a year you will be able to take the podium for a 15 - 20 minute member spotlight where you will have the opportunity to present your services and products to our members.
  • NETWORKING:  One of the most valuable benefits of membership in NAPO-SD is networking. Business relationships are built on trust and credibility. You are given an opportunity to network at numerous chapter events with Professional Organizers, other Associate Members, visiting speakers, and others doing business in the professional organizing industry. Opportunities for low-cost training from veteran Organizers and those with other advanced skills you would like to learn.
  • CHAPTER WEBSITE LISTING & PROMOTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES:  You will be able to promote your business with a profile listing and website link in our Chapter Membership Directory (chapter members' contact information and services/specialties)
  • CONTINUING EDUCATION:  From changing techniques, emerging authors, and new products, people in the organizing industry owe it to themselves and their clients to educate themselves on what’s new and what’s necessary in the organizing industry. This information may be very helpful in understanding the organizing/client relationship and the important part you can play in it. 
  • VOTING PRIVILEGES You have the ability help shape the course of our chapter and have your voice heard on important decisions by voting in chapter elections and serving on the chapter board as a Director. 
  • ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES:  There are a variety of ways for Associate Members to advertise to our members and viewing public, including: 
    • website ads to the general public and members in
    • Facebook advertising


Branch Associate Member (Must first be an Associate Member of NAPO National)

A Branch Associate Member shall operate as a local branch or regional office of a Corporate Associate Member of NAPO National.

New Branch Associate Member dues are $145/year, plus a one-time $25 application processing fee


Regular Branch Associate Member dues are $145/year ****Renewing Members Only**** 

Local Associate Member (Not required to be an Associate Member of NAPO National)

A Local Associate Member shall be a locally-based, self-operating retailer, supplier, designer, or independent sales representative engaged primarily in the manufacture, distribution, and/or sales of organizational equipment, supplies, or organizing-industry-related services. Corporate Associate Membership in NAPO National is not required. Associate Members are able to vote in Chapter elections and serve on the Chapter Board as a Director, but not as an officer of the Chapter (Executive Committee).

New Local Associate Member dues are $285/year, plus a one-time $25 application processing fee

Regular Local Associate Member renewal dues are $285/year ****Renewing Members Only****


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Note:  According to the NAPO bylaws, an Associate Member company must designate one person as the representative of that company. Other employees of the company are welcome to attend chapter meetings by paying the $30/meeting visitor fee.


All businesses and individuals committed to the organizing field are welcome to join.
Please select one or more of the following to help us narrow down your organizing needs:

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