Past Programs & Speakers

january 2018

Topic: 10 Things You Need to Know to Leverage Your NAPO Membership & Grow Your Business

Speaker: Casey Moore, The Productivity Coach

This interactive session highlights how you can take full advantage of your NAPO membership. You'll leave with a better understanding of what's happening in NAPO, what resources it offers and, most importantly, how these benefit you and your business. It’s also an opportunity to ask a NAPO board member any questions you may have.



december 2017

No meeting this month. 

november 2017

Topic: "Organizing from a Clinical Perspective”

Speaker: Rachel Sagar, LCSW, RESTART with Rachel

Have you ever encountered a client who presents with some emotional challenges and you had no clue what to do? Do you purposely - though unfortunately - avoid working with this specific clientele because you feel ill-equipped to do so? Would you like to add to your current toolbox of organizing tricks in order to be better prepared for any emotional client situation that may arise? This presentation will focus specifically on some important things to be aware of when working with emotionally affected clients, some useful therapeutic techniques to guide your work and some helpful tips to utilize during the organization process.

october 2017

Topic: MAKE IT GO AWAY! Finding The Best New Homes For Client Discards

Speaker: Liz Corso-Davis, Shades of Green Organizing

Okay, so your client has made the tough decisions about what to keep and what to let go!

And now they are looking at that big “giveaway/sell” pile and asking you, “What should I do with this stuff?”

It’s not as simple as it used to be. Thrift stores are getting more selective; selling stuff online is daunting; and the millennial kids are saying “No thanks” to all the stuff their parents saved for them.

Liz Corso Davis - NAPO-SD member and reuse “geek” - shares resources, tips and strategies she has gathered throughout her decades of experience in home organizing and environmental education. Learn some new ideas for handling discards in ways that work for your clients, and our planet.


september 2017

Members only meeting this month.

august 2017

No meeting this month.

JULY 2017

Topic: Ethical Dilemmas & Sticky Situations (Panel Discussion)

Speaker: NAPO San Diego's Ethics Education Committee - Donna Cowan and Kevin Hall

Our Code of Ethics is a set of principles set to provide guidelines in our professional conduct with our clients, colleagues and community. Kevin Hall will review  the NAPO Code of Ethics, and the panel of experienced Professional Organizers will address possible ethical dilemmas that may occur within the scope of their jobs.

JUNE 2017

Topic: Creative Decluttering

Speaker: Dalita Lovett, Community Relations & Donations Manager, Salvation Army

Davita Lovett's talk on ‘Creative Decluttering’ is an insider’s look into ‘what happens next’ in the lifecycle of a product when it's donated and finding the art and joy in all of it. Topics will include:

Lessons Learned:


  • Helping others understand waste and reuse
  • Coming to terms with your role as primary educator for your clients
  • Recycle EVERYTHING: Real life examples and info on items that can be used for alternative purposes
  • Why parting with stuff doesn’t have to be ‘sweet sorrow'



MAY 2017

Topic: Virtual Organizing

Speaker: April Merritt, Ilios Digital Organizing

Are you ready to expand your organizing services to working with virtual clients? Do you want to conduct client meetings or professional conversations online? Is the fear of technology holding you back? April Merritt of Ilios Digital Organizing will talk about how you can use technology to work with virtual clients and colleagues, and what technology can provide the best results.

april 2017

Topic: Follow Up Strategies That Will Get More Clients and Close More Sales

Speaker: Wanda Allen, Follow Up Sales Strageties

If follow up is a hard, heavy "to do," then the Follow Up Sales Strategies Presentation is for you. You'll learn that follow up is merely a matter of having effective habits and good systems in place. If you struggle getting your follow up work done, it's not because you don't have time, you're not organized or you're not good at's because you haven't developed the right mindset and learned the right skill set. Understanding this will help put you in the flow of ease of getting this all important work done on a daily basis.

march 2017

Topic: Aging, Current Issues for P.O.s

Speakers: Panel - Linda Melikian, Judi Bonilla and Audrey Billett

A panel of experts in the fields of Professional Organizing, Gerontology, and Senior Transitions will address issues including seniors' needs at home and in the community, end of life organizing. and help us to better distinguish between signs of aging, dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. Followed by Q & A.


february 2017

Topic: ADD and Digital Disorganization

Speaker: Judith Kolberg, Fileheads, Inc.

We live in a digital society, rich in technology, with great advances in communication, collaboration and individual productivity. The features of digital society impact our adult clients with ADD in both good and not so good ways, organizationally-speaking. In this presentation, we’ll take a look at ‘digital disorganization’, a result of the clash between the features of digital society such as the black hole of the Internet, 24/7 access to people and information, and endless distractions; and executive functioning issues of your ADD clients. We’ll define digital disorganization and explore new ways to organize your ADD clients who are digitally disorganized.

january 2017

Topic: "End Your Client's Paper Woes and Increase Your Business Cash Flow"

Speaker: Kathi Burns, CPO

Do your clients have papers piled up and scattered all over their home or office? Join us in January as Certified Paper Flow Specialist Kathi Burns explains a time proven system to help your clients tackle their paper flow challenges. Paper trafficking is a skill that every pro organizer should have in their tool box. As Certified paper flow specialists, you can swoop in and save the day as you provide a sense of mastery and create serenity in your client’s lives. You will also have the ability to generate a new channel of value-added income to your professional organizing business.

december 2016No meeting this month

november 2016

Jana Hartwell

Topic:  Important Things to Consider When Working With Other Professional Organizers

Speaker: Jana Hartwell, CPO, NAPO-SD Chapter President

Learn the pros and cons of working as an Apprentice/Intern or Subcontractor for Professional Organizers. as well as the pros and cons of leading an Apprentice/Intern and hiring a Subcontractor. Valuable information regarding legal and ethical aspects to consider will be discussed.

october 2016

Topic:  Tips & Options for Networking with Other Professional Organizers

Speakers: NAPO-SD Organizers

Learn from your peers about the many ways you can network with organizing colleagues and how collaborating can be very beneficial for your business growth, education and development.


SEPTEMBER 2016Topic: Members Only Annual Dinner

august 2016

Topic: Your Time is Your Money

Speaker: Rosie Aiello, MBA

  • Discover the biggest Time Leaks and how much they are costing you
  • Understand the emotional and health impact to lack of productivity
  • Learn easy strategies to stop wasting time for increased productivity, profits and more time and fun freedom!

july 2016

Topic: Beyond Backlog & Systems: Organizing to Support Client Development

Speaker: Denslow Brown
Clients reach out to an organizer with a problem or project in mind.  Behind their stated need is an Opening for Change.This is their hope that the completed project or the organizer will somehow transform them into someone who can live and function without the behaviors that created disorganization or lack of productivity.  This hope or desire for change is sometimes openly stated, sometimes an unspoken sub-text, and sometimes unconscious. 

The presence of an Opening for Change speaks to a powerful impact organizers can have beyond the completion of the organizing project or the instructions to maintain it. We are in a position to offer and facilitate behavior and competence transformations for our clients.  
Basic coaching models go even further to deepen client personal development.  These are tools for a lifetime!  They include shifts in perspectives and self-talk, nurturing motivation, and understanding one’s strengths and how to protect and leverage them.

june 2016

Topic: Favorite Organizing Products

Speakers: NAPO-SD Organizers 

Join us to hear NAPO-SD organizers present some of their favorite organizng products - for themselves and their clients.

may 2016

Topic: Does your thinking limit your success?

Speaker: Leisa Reid 

Does your thinking limit your success? Of course it does! Leisa Reid's presentation is a blend of information with undeniable experiences. You will be invited to participate in activities where you can:

  • Discover how your perceptions could be preventing you from seeing and seizing opportunities
  • Take actions that would lead directly to the results you ideally want.
  • Uncover your own unique thinking that is holding you back.

Come prepared to challenge how you think about things. After all, “to get what we never got, we have to think like we never thought!”

april 2016

Topic: The New Face of Networking - How technology has changed the game

Speaker: Felena Hanson

The spray and pray approach no longer works in modern-day networking.  The way to build meaningful connections has become more of an art and includes both online and offline strategies.  Felena Hanson will lead an interactive, engaging session on...

  • Why you shouldn't go to so many offline networking events
  • Why you must have a bullet-proof follow-up system
  • Why you're not maximizing LinkedIn
  • Why you need to consider other social channels - like Twitter & Instagram

MARCH 2016

Topic: Powerful Presence and Your Bottom Line
Speaker: Sandra Dee Robinson

Sandra shares secrets and techniques on self-appreciation and relationship building to create
momentum in your business from strengthening your presence in multiple areas of your life/ work.



  • How to make an authentic emotional connection quickly.
  • How to ground your body and mind to be unflappable.
  • How to handle fear of public speaking and video

february 2016

Topic:   Hoarding

Speakers: San Diego Hoarding Collaborative 

Join us for a panel discussion and Q & A with the San Diego Hoarding Collaborative. Learn more about the history of the Collaborative, their members and the process for intervention. There will be in depth information and resources regarding treatment, consultation and education for individuals with hoarding behaviors as well as their families.


Topic:  Data here. Data there. Access data anywhere!

Speaker: April Meritt, MLIS

We all want to access our emails, documents, calendar, etc. when we are on the go but aren't sure about the right apps or settings to use. In her talk on Digital Organizing, April will discuss:


  • Three primary types of data management software - Reference, Documents, Communication
  • The purpose of each type of software
  • Basics of data management and sync
  • Sync specifics for each of the three types of software
  • What to look for in data management software

November 2015

Barbara KhozamTopic: Customer Service: Does it really matter?

Speaker: Barbara Khozam


Is your Customer Service Good, Bad, or Ugly? 

Do you really know? 

  • TRAIN your employees to deliver excellent service buy holding them to a high standard of personal responsibility and accountability.
  • LEAD by example. Exceptional service starts at the top of the management ladder.
  • DELIVER excellent customer service consistently-every time, with every customer.
  • KNOW if your customers are simply satisfied or truly Wowed. What do they expect?
  • DIFFUSE irate customers in 30 seconds or less.  




Ursula MentjesTopic: Selling with Synchronicity

Speaker: Ursula Mentjes

Are you ready to stop working so hard and make more money? Ursula Mentjes expands the sales conversation beyond the selling process. As a coach and the best-selling author of 3 books, Ursula is on a mission to help entrepreneurs.



August 2015

Sarita MaybinTopic: Adapting, Succeeding, and Thriving in Uncertain Times. 

Speaker: Sarita Maybin

The ability to stay positive and productive in the face of change, challenges and uncertainty is critical to career success. Learn how to stay motivated and respond to workplace challenges and rekindle your passion for your career.

July 2015

Kelly GrimesTopic: Motivational Interviewing

Speaker: Kelly Grimes, M.S.W.

Kelley Grimes, M.S.W. and founder of In Truth and Beauty will present on the topic of motivational interviewing. Kelley has been using this powerful tool for professionals as a methodology for gaining critical and useful information that impacts behavioral change.

May 2015

Nikkie AchartzTopic: What do your business images say about you?  What you say matters and your visual brand says it all!

Speaker: Nikkie Achartz 

During this interactive, content-rich presentation, photographer and image-based branding and marketing strategist, Nikkie Achartz will show you how to GET, TAKE, and FIND impact driven images that will engage your ideal target audience and promote you and your business! 

She will reveal:

  • the five essential images every business owner needs in their marketing arsenal
  • the inside scoop on where to find images to attract, connect, and engage your target audience
  • the strategies to leverage your online interactions into stronger relationships, more referrals,  and increased business

April 2015Anne BlummerTopic:  Are You Really Prepared? Safety for the Professional Organizer and Client

Speaker:  Anne Blummer

This program is designed to bring awareness to both environmental and personal safety in the field of Professional Organizing. Anne will provide you with the opportunity to critically think and respond to potential hazards and threats while working with clients and their environment and increase overall personal safety awareness. This information is not designed to frighten anyone but to provide you with tools that may save your life.

February 2015

Jeffrey Harding,Founder Recycle San Diego

Topic:  Best Practices for Universal Waste & Data Destruction
Speaker:  Jeffrey Harding, Founder Recycle San Diego

How should universal waste best be managed and destroyed by individuals and companies? Learn about what happens when proper guidelines are not followed.

September 2014

Ricardo Moran, American Red CrossTopic:  What every organizer needs to know about Emergency Preparedness  Speaker:  Ricardo Moran, American Red Cross of San Diego/Imperial Counties

Learn how to get your client organized before an emergency or disaster strikes! Find out what the to
p 3 disasters are for our region and what should be included in an Emergency Plan! 


may 2014

Deborah Moyer pictureTopic:  Downsizing with Seniors
Speaker:  Deborah Moyer

Moving at any age can be challenging, both mentally and physically. Seniors are especially vulnerable to becoming overwhelmed with this task when faced with transitioning out of a home they've been in for many years. Deborah Moyer will be offering her top five tips she shares with her senior clients on how to successfully downsize with the least amount of stress. In addition, she will be touching on how changing social and economic dynamics offer more opportunities to those in today's professional organizing field.

April 2014Jean DiGiovanna pictureTopic:  Webinar Fast Track:  Learn how to turn your Expertise into Money-Making Webinars
Speaker:  Jean DiGiovanna, CPCC

Webinars are one of the fastest ways to reach a global market and become known as an expert in your field. They are also great for introverts! The thought of running a webinar, though can be very daunting. In this highly interactive session, you will learn how webinars can apply to your business, the five biggest mistakes to avoid when getting started and tips and techniques to prepare, facilitate and ensure your webinar goes smoothly. It's time to get on-line with webinars and discover how straightforward, fun and lucrative they can be!

March 2014Cathryn Golden pictureTopic:  Feng Shui for Organizers:  The Next Level of Clutter
Speaker:  Cathryn Golden, CPO(R), CFSC, CGLC

What, where, why, how (and if) things are placed in a space, make a huge difference in how clients ultimately feel and function. Feng Shui is an art and science that helps you do that - with intention and purpose. By understanding the basics of Feng Shui, it can help Organizers increase the results of their work with clients. And it can help Organizers recognize "The Next Level of Clutter".

In her presentation, Cathryn will be sharing:

  • The three basic principles of Feng Shui
  • The nine life areas of placement
  • Integrated design tools
  • Practical hints and tips
  • The power of artwork and decor items

february 2014

Marilyn AugustTopic:  Go For the Gold
Speaker:  Marilyn August

Learn simple-to-use, counter-intuitive strategies that turn "can't afford it" into "can't do without it". Along with a money-making mindset shift, leave this program with a toolbox of groundbreaking techniques, the know-how and confidence to "Go For the Gold."

Elevate, Accelerate and Expand Your Sales
In this presentation, you'll:

  • Learn the five secret words that stop price objections in their tracks
  • Eliminate discounting and/or shaving commission
  • Develop powerful asking techniques
  • Identify and eliminate the hidden objection

January 2014

Topic:  Information Management Tools - Paper and Virtual
Speakers:  Liz Corso Davis, Owner of Custom Organizing Solutions and April Merritt, Owner of Life Is Now Organizing Solutions, as well as NAPO-San Diego Treasurer, Director of Communications and Technology, and Librarian

Liz Corso DavisPresentation: Liz Corso Davis
Even in the digital age, paper piles are still a part of life. The Freedom Filer system is a truly unique paper management method that eliminates the drudgery of reviewing files for outdated materials, or setting up new folders each year. If you are new to Freedom Filer you will learn how it can revoluntionize the way youu help clients. If you are an experienced Freedom Filer user, you will receive pointers on how to best communicate the benefits to clients - and how to make it easier for those skeptical clients to transition                                 to a new system.

April MerrittPresentation: April Merritt
You may have heard of Evernote, the application that helps you collect and organize all the information that matters to you. But how can you use Evernote to manage your business? Join April Merritt, MLIS as she discusses ways Evernote can help you manage everything from social media to action items.




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